William Wade


After a stint in the Marine Corps after High School, William (Wade) studied Computer Science at USM and graduated in 2005 with a bachelor’s in Business Administration, with a minor in Computer Information Systems. After working at UPS in their IT and computer installation area for several years, Wade decided to start his own business. In 2010 he opened Dirigo Software Solutions to consult and assist companies with business automation and custom software development. He really enjoys learning how companies run, and then figuring out how technology can help them operate more efficiently and ultimately make them more successful. He thinks people should do what they do best – interact with each other – and let the machines do the repetitive, boring work!

Wade is a Maine native, and lives in Lewiston with his wife, Erica, and their three young children. With a 13, 11 and 6-year-old at home he is a busy guy, and they enjoy running 5K races as a family and staying active outdoors.

Specialites: Office automation, software development, C#, Python, Node, VB.net, SQL server

Wade can be reached at: (207)370-6520; wade@libertyshiptech.com

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