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Stay protected against loss, theft and hackers with effective data protection.

If you are not consistently backing up your computer system, you are exposing yourself to significant risk of losing precious business data. Accidents happen; computers crash suddenly; laptops get stolen. If you use computers to run the day-to-day operations of your business, and capture the most important business information you have, then you are depending on all that information stored in your system to be available to you at all times. Whether you accidentally deleted important files, had an update go badly, or a complete system crash – Liberty Ship Technology Group can recover your lost data and get you back up and running. Even more important, we will set up a dependable, consistent backup system so you never have to worry again!

Our services provide the most dependable file backup and emergency recovery options.

Our data backup and emergency data recovery services utilize the most up-to-date hardware and cloud-based storage options so your files are completely, and consistently backed up automatically, and are available for immediate retrieval if necessary. “Mirror image” backup options mean your complete system – hard drive, operating system and all, is captured so you can be back up and running like nothing happened in only minutes!

New computer viruses and malware threaten our computer systems and networks every day.

If you are finding that strange things are happening with your computer – software applications are suddenly not working right, the system is freezing up or going super slow, or you are getting “Your files are encrypted” messages – you may be infected with a computer virus or malware. Even the most cautious user is likely to experience computer viruses from these very stealthy dangers. Users of email programs, and those who access the internet, must have a quality Antivirus software installed. This software must also be consistently monitored and kept updated to ensure your protection.

We provide business-grade products that employ the right level of Firewall protection as a first defense, and the latest in antivirus, malware, spyware, and ransomware protection. We will analyze your system to determine if any threats are detected, remove any viruses and get your system running smoothly again, and monitor and maintain your protection so you are always up-to-date.

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