Managed IT Services


Businesses depend on their technology to operate.

If you could not operate your business today if your computers or network were down, then a Managed Services relationship with us is perfect for you! Technology is expensive, but the costs are even greater if something goes wrong and your data is unavailable.

A considerable advantage to having a regular IT professional as part of your team is that we get to know your business, your equipment and applications, and what your digital requirements are. Should you experience problems, we can resolve them quickly and efficiently because we are already up to speed!

Managed IT Services means you have someone to help 24/7.

With Managed IT Services, a fixed monthly cost assures that your computers and network are being monitored and maintained on a daily basis. If you don’t have an IT department, Liberty Ship Technology Group can design, build, and look after your systems to ensure optimal health and reliability, every day. Your customized Managed Services Plan allow us to keep a close eye on your equipment so you can avoid problems before they arise, and plan for necessary replacements and upgrades.

We customize our Managed IT Services to fit the specific needs of your business – so you pay only for what you need. Typically, Managed IT includes:

Avoid technology surprises with our Managed IT Services!

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